Everyone deserves a decent quality of life, in a clean and sustainable environment. Our smart-city products make this possible for all.

We are a Romanian registered company, based in Piatra Nempt and operate in Romania. We build estates of houses and flats using the most modern techniques that provide a virtuous combination of high quality, energy efficiency, speed of build and low cost. We supply, install and maintain solar powered street lighting that is WiFi controlled and provides a portfolio of solar powered services – CCTV, traffic lights, road signs, as well as state of the art lighting.



We build estates of high quality houses and flats, to any design, quickly and at a low cost. Our service is unique – once a suitable foundation has been laid, we can build a high-quality, first-fix-ready dwelling in 24 hours, in sizes ranging from 43 sqm to 300 sqm. Our buildings are highly energy efficient and meet all of the Romanian building requirements.


Our innovative, new street lighting products use state-of-the-art solar technology that wraps around the street light pole itself. Our super-efficient system, stores energy, in batteries below the ground, or inside the street light pole, that can be used to power in-situ advertising panels, CCTV, traffic lights, road signs and more; all managed via a WiFi enabled control system. We provide pre-contract consultancy and the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the street lights.


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